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Friday, December 2, 2016

Let The Games Begin

If you have money in the stock market, it might be too late already. The whole house of cards might be about to collapse. The EU, as an economic experiment in globalization, has been on wobbly legs for some time as evidenced by the recent Brexit movement. The Brits got it right, but the leadership refuses to listen to their own citizens (as all elitists do), because it would signal that globalization is a flawed system. The elitists refuse to acknowledge this simple and obvious fact, because a global economy is necessary to arrive at a global government.

Why would they want a global government? Think of our own nation. We have 50 separate states, but with the increased power and reach of the federal government the anger at local authorities is tempered by the fact that the most onerous and pernicious regulations come from the federal government, keeping revolt at a distance from those who are actually pulling the strings. Imagine this on a global level, some distant, all-powerful government dictating and controlling every human being on the planet, taking control of all the natural resources and meting them out as it chooses, moving people from one area to another to destroy the concept of ownership. It becomes one huge hive of slaves.

That is the elitist image of nirvana and Barack Obama has done his share of prepping the American people for that ultimate end, but the cracks of the initial attempt (the EU) are starting to show. The flaw is in the human being, who is not satisfied with a perpetual condition of poverty and enslavement, even when it is a fairly comfortable existence. Barack Obama was America's globalist and while the American people systematically tried to neuter his power over eight years, there were globalists on the other side of the aisle that prevented any serious threat. It all hinged on the election of Hillary Clinton to continue the process of globalization, but the American people pulled a fast one on the elitists and elected Donald Trump to office. This is not to say that the battle has not moved from the public to the private places in America, behind marbled walls, but the fact is, globalization has run its course.

On December 4th Italy will vote on a referendum to alter their constitution. If the vote returns a majority for the referendum, it will be a recognition of the Renzi government and a continuation in the EU, if the vote returns a majority against the referendum, the popular Five Star Movement will gain power with a mandate to extricate itself from the EU and reassert the Lira as the nation's currency. Italy is the third largest economy in the EU just behind France. It will signal the death of the EU as every nation, including Britain, flee from the clutches of Brussels and expose globalization for the evil that it is.

Unfortunately, this will cause a worldwide economic meltdown that has long been in the works and only deferred by the massive shell game of debt taking place on a global scale. This may be the beginning of a world war that leaves no nation untouched by the disastrous policies of megalomaniacs. But, if this is the future, it is only a fitting reset to a world gone mad and the alternative is slavery. Let the games begin.

H/T to Zerohedge for THIS article.

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