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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

No Peace In Mind

The tendency is to equate our current political situation as the first steps in a civil war. We have a divided population, nothing has been made more clear over the past decade. We have elected a popular president that the opposition hates. This goes beyond political divisions. Trump is as much a threat to the identity of the globalists in America as Lincoln was to the South. But, the political situation is more akin to the American Revolution than the Civil War. To cast it appropriately, the globalists are the British and the nationalists are the rebels.

Like the start of the Revolution, the people had long been ignored and taxed heavily to support the overseas power, feeding a Britain fighting foreign wars for the benefit of trade and power. Washington DC is that "overseas" power; an entity that is as distant from the people as Britain was from the Colonies. The people are ruled by elitists and a class structure that no common man might penetrate. The grievances of the people have gone unheeded and even ridiculed.

The globalists, by definition, are not American. They might have citizenship in the United States, but they do not honor the Constitution, nor the rights of their fellow citizens, nor our republican institutions. They do not recognize the borders of the nation, or respect free speech. They demean the idea of patriotism and find nothing valuable in the title "American." They are the equivalent of a child born to British loyalists.

The nationalists respect the Constitution, individual rights and value republican ideals. They recognize and demand the borders of the nation to be secure. They suffer all manner of insults, because they respect freedom of speech. They hold patriotism in esteem and proudly call themselves Americans. They are the equivalent of being a rebel against a distant monarchial power.

The act of rebellion was the election of Donald Trump. It was no less a declaration of independence than the actual thing. So, now the forces of the King, or Kings in this case, have engaged in damaging and defamatory allegations against the declaration, refusing to give it weight or authority. They scoff at the election as King George scoffed at the Declaration of Independence, feeling that he had the power to bring the insurrection under control.

The globalists have engaged the nationalists in a last ditch attempt to derail the rebellion through fiat. The "faithless electors" are lauded as a means of derailing the rebellion, but, like the British, they have brought too few soldiers to the battle. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States or there will cease to be one. The faithless electors are a pre-emptive coup. The votes have been cast, the electors chosen, ironically, only if Hillary had been elected would the electors have just cause to refuse to elect her, because only illegal activities and traitorous actions might rise to a level of "unqualified to hold office." But, Trump, a law-abiding citizen, without an on-going FBI investigation clears that hurdle with distance to spare.

Should the electors act responsibly and vote as they have been directed by the popular vote, Trump will be president. But, this is where the similarities between the current situation and the Civil War take over. Electing Trump does not mean that the opposition disappears any more than the election of Abraham Lincoln meant that the South would give up their cause. It will only send the battle into overdrive. Perhaps California will secede from the union. (One might hope, anyway)

But, this is a global war. The first volley was fired in Britain with Brexit, followed up by the election of Donald Trump and these actions inspired the vote in Italy. Trump acknowledged that his campaign was not so much a campaign as it was a movement, a nationalist movement that is sweeping the globe, because that is where the globalists are and globalist policies have attempted to bring an end to national identities by the infusion of immigrants. If it is racist to resist the importation of rapists and murderers into our communities and unleash them on children, then the word has no power.

Today we wait for the signal. It is rare in the history of warfare that one moment in time might be known and recognized for what it is, but that is the luxury we have with the casting of votes by the electoral college. They have the power to inspire a rebellion, but not to stop the war. The war is inevitable, because the globalists have no peace in mind.

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