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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If There Be Lawlessness

Things are proceeding so fast toward cultural and political meltdown that it is difficult to keep up. City states such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have declared their independence from the union and are in open rebellion. Call it what you will, take the MSM meme of protecting illegal aliens if you choose, but it is nothing less than secession by disobedience. It is a flagrant act of rebellion against federal authority and should be met with armed troops on the steps of these city halls.

Typically, as a Constitutionalist, there is the 10th Amendment to be considered here, except that national security is a delineated power of the federal government and a "uniform rule of Naturalization" is among the powers of Congress, not the purview of random city councils. It is also the duty of the president to ensure that all laws are "faithfully executed."

But, here is another prime example of the corrupt media hiding, through lies of omission, the true fact of this rebellion. It is none other. It is a direct threat to the stability of the United States and the rule of law, which has been under constant assault for decades. Federal judges openly disregard clearly Constitutional acts of the duly elected President and we are expected to wait for the legal processes?

There are hearings being held to discover that for which there is no evidence ever presented to suggest that the President colluded with a foreign power to rig the latest presidential election. This is being held up as the most important news of the day. While, at the same time and totally ignored, it has been discovered that there was "incidental" surveillance of the Trump campaign by the previous administration and subsequent dispersal of that illegally obtained information throughout domestic and foreign intelligence agencies at the direction of the former president. These are crimes, felonies, indictable under federal law. There is now an open admission of this surveillance and dispersal of illegally obtained and disseminated information by the previous administration by Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Secretary of Defense, on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC aired in early March. Her arrest and waterboarding should be imminent.

All of this begs the question: What laws will you openly disobey?

We are being shown, by political leaders across the nation, heads of their state, that it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to obey laws with which one disagrees. It is a showdown that will either result in the arrest and trial for treason of these leaders, or it will signal to everyone that this is perfectly reasonable behavior to pick and choose which federal laws will be obeyed and which can be shrugged off.

Now, I know it doesn't work the same way for us lowly citizens, but isn't that the mark of a failed nation? Where political leaders can flout and violate any law without fear of reprisal? Does this not make us a "banana republic" and therefore subject to open rebellion? It is when the people are oppressed by unjust laws, wrongly imprisoned for crimes only selectively prosecuted that open rebellion is justified. That is a founding principle of this nation, supported and encouraged by those same founders.

Let us start in the towns and cities and disregard the National Firearms Act, trample and run amok in the National Forests and National Parks across the West. If they will not arrest these few, how can they arrest the many? Is it not, then, a reasonable defense to declare inequality before the law? But, who will go to jail first? That is the real question is it not? Are we not capable of raising funds for a legal defense fund for just such willing participants? Do we not have the legal resources equal to that of a city or a state that declare their willingness to take these issues to trial?

Where do we decide to put up a resistance? It is going to cost some of us our lives. Is that not yet clear? I don't know what bail is for ripping up National Park Service tickets for trespassing, or rule violations, but is it that onerous? Do they put you in Park Jail? Are you held along with criminal cows, who have eaten of the sacred federal grass?

If there be lawlessness, what reason do any of us have for obedience?


  1. The rule of law and equality
    of justice is long since dead.
    Why propose wasting time
    and resources raising funds
    for a legal defense?

    hummus abedin

  2. As an observation... it is said that before we put out keys in the ignition we have committed 3 crimes. So are we not already in rebellion?

  3. ".. it is nothing less than secession by disobedience. It is a flagrant act of rebellion against federal authority and should be met with armed troops on the steps of these city halls.."

    My my, TL, just a little bit of collectivism/statism showing there pardner? My take is if that's what the hivers want to do..let them and cut them loose and wish them well. Secession is a natural right inherent in all of us as well as for fictional entities (states), let the 'union' separate and go as they will; it's a sure thing at this point as Kenneth Royce mentioned in 'Hologram of Liberty' (as well as the fact that the constitution was and is a constructive hamiltonian fraud from the begining).
    Just my .02
    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!

    1. "....cut them loose...."

      Here's the problem with that Gunner....they're not looking to be cut loose. They are thumbing their collective noses at the nation while taking the fruits of that which you, I, and others provide.

      They're blatantly disregarding federal law. I for one will cheer the day when treasonous bastards like Rahm Emmanuel, Nancy Pelosi and a host of others are hung from the neck until dead.

      Secession ? They can't impose their tyrrany on the rest of us should they leave.

      Arrest the governors, mayors and city councils harboring ALL illegal invaders. Give them their fair trial. Then hang them.

    2. I thought I covered that in the paragraph about the 10th Amendment. These are legitimate functions of the federal government, but are being denied by a few mayors? But, even if we sought to be free from the federal government, all of us, fine, then I don't care what cities do, but when we obey the Federal firearms act and others refuse to obey federal law, there is a problem. I am all for cutting them loose and being cut loose, I just think that will make use a ripe target for someone as diabolical and petty as even North Korea for heaven's sake, or do you think that after abolishing the federal government that you can fuel up a bomber?

  4. "If there be lawlessness, what reason do any of us have for obedience?"

    Because while an army of ants may devour an elephant, that doesn't mean that it will end well for many of the ants. Everyone together than bring down Leviathan, but Leviathan will take out many of its attackers. So long as enough people believe that they are more likely to be one of the squashed ants than one of the victorious ants, most will not go after the elephant.

    1. That's not entirely true for everyone (although it is true for many).
      I know that I will probably be one of the squashed, but that is not what's stopping me. What is stopping me is the responsibility I have to my 5 year old son. I need to continue to raise him until he understands what Liberty is and that we do not currently have it.
      If I were to be squashed now, my son could easily be turned into one of them as my wife is not fully into this belief yet (she's much closer than when we met, but she was also born and raised on Long Island, not exactly a haven for freedom).
      Having said all of that, should it break into the open, I will fight and pray that I get lucky enough to survive to return to my family.

    2. Yep, got a 7 and 9 year old, that we homeschool, everything I do I do for them and I got to stick around long enough to keep their minds free from the Marxist's. Like you my wife is better but not to the level I would like.

  5. Last week a friend of mine told his neighbor where to buy ammo and accessories, instead, the guy goes down to the local gun dealer and has him order the stuff, because he didn't want to get in trouble for going around a gun dealer. He refuses to order it himself. Some folks cannot be educated, no matter how hard you try.
    And you're still wondering about obedience? For every one of us who work to resist, there's 90 who still line up for gun permits. We are such a small segment that we really don't count, just like in everything else. Whites are addicted to compliance, and that's why we will end up like Ray said, another dead civilization in a long list of dust piles.

  6. One cannot make bread without yeast. A loaf of bread contains only a tiny fraction of that essential, yet without it, the bread will not rise.

  7. What "federal authority" does the federal government have over "City states such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago?" I wish more states and cities would stand up to the federal government who seems to think that they are the rulers of America rather than the servant of the people and the sovereign states.

    1. Again the duties of the federal government are well defined and where they are not given those duties, I feel the same way, get them out, but there is that fact at play here. It is not a two-way street with these mayors, it is a one way street. Hell, they still want their federal funds and are screaming about that. We should encourage the federal government to treat them as harshly as we can. These are not genial, liberty-loving cities we are talking about, they are some of the greatest dependencies on the federal dole. Please stop thinking that treating them "fair" or how you would like to be treated is the answer to this issue. It is not, this is war and bringing down a liberal stronghold, using the federal government or any tool available should be on the table. I don't have to give the federal government primacy in order to use it as a club.

  8. "...taking the fruits of that which you, I, and others provide."

    Right, and that provision is as much of the action as the taking. The only possible answer, at least that any one person can control, is to stop the provision. That's why 2017 is dedicated to the topic of complicity.

    'Course the choice not to be complicit can be a tough one to defend.

  9. Why do We continue to call illegal acts signed by leaders laws? An act, or shall we say edict, that is in violation of the law (say the Constitution), is nothing more than a criminal act. Let not give it any credence but calling it a law, which it is not.

    Here is a plan. Instead of going to jail, how about a minute man approach. If someone is about to be arrested for breaking an criminal act, we all gather around that person and do not allow then to be arrested. Make it clear, if they want a fight let it begin here. Why settle for allowing someone to be illegally detained? There is power in numbers.

    1. This is not the place to fight that battle, destroy the Marxists, with whatever tool is available. See the above comment. Quibbling about this or that does not get the job done. Arguing over what federal law is doesn't achieve a single thing. We have to use the arsenal we have and a thin one it is at that.

    2. "If someone is about to be arrested for breaking an criminal act, we all gather around that person..."

      Good reminder that we should all(!) keep the humor alive. Smiling and laughing aren't bad goals after all.

      Marvin Louis Guy. Mahleur.

      Oh yeah, gotta have the right one; never mind.

    3. "...destroy the Marxists, with whatever tool is available."

      I may not catch the whole drift and Marxists being destroyed sure sounds like a great thing, easily worth a party. Still, on its own this line get dangerously close to Pragmatism...the inversion of means and ends.

      "Pragmatism is the biggest enemy, by far." I continue to believe that. As an aside, K is one guy who didn't heed that warning...not that this implies that others who don't believe it, do so for the same reason.

      Anyway, believe it. Pragmatism is the biggest enemy, by far. It's what made the Marxists who they are. It's WHY they need to kill to have their grand dreams.

      "You cannot rid the world of cannibals by eating them."

  10. A Godless nation is a nation to be doomed!
    The level of lawlessness has been escalating since the 60's and are worsening as we speak. We have/had a treasonous president who took it upon himself to decide what he feels this nation should be like and that too elevated lawlessness into sedition and treason.
    I don't have the answer in how that train can be stopped but what I do know is that the heat is rising rapidly within the sane citizens who just about had it. Should they continue to poke that sleeping giant it may well be that the giant will rise and push back hard - unexpectedly hard. Then it's lights out for the provocateurs.

  11. Screw federal law. They're violating STATE LAW (obstruction of justice) Drop kick em into a jail cell and watch this sedition dry up and blow away. Everyone's tough until standing at the jail house door.


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