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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Different Planets

If I weren't doing an anti-media film, I would almost have to make one. The insanity of the modern media is out of control. Without any evidence at all, none, the media has been on a "Russian hack" meme for months, ignoring completely the true and actual evidence of unmasking American citizens, of leaking classified information to media outlets and obstruction of justice by none other than former Director of the FBI: Comey.

It is this absolute disconnect that elected Trump in the first place, the sense that no news was getting out about the real and present dangers to people, real people, however denigrated by those on the coasts. The media claims to champion the cause of the illegal immigrants, yet turns a blind-eye to thousands being killed on the border with guns the Obama Administration helped to funnel into Mexico. And no, for their information, a gun that can get to Mexico can just as easily as a border-crosser, get back across onto the streets of America.

All right, so the bloom is off the rose already and everyone who reads this knows about the truly deadly policy of Fast and Furious, it sounds like old news already, but I maintain that if it never was news, it is news again to those who have just opened their eyes. It was like my father used to say about stupid people: every time they blink their eyes they wake up in a new world.

Most of what went on in the Obama years is still largely unknown by those who peruse the daily newspapers and watch the evening news. All of the things that I used to be hypersensitive to, that needed a little digging to uncover is now out in the open. Every time Trump sends out a tweet the media first rushes over to Senator Schumer to ask his opinion. Why? Schumer doesn't run anything, he isn't in control of anything, he is just one of 99 other senators with an opinion.

We are watching a media-orchestrated coup. They are no longer the 5th Column, they are on the front lines, firing rhetorical bullets, seeking the destruction of a duly elected president. Everyday, the meme is that Trump is out of control, perhaps nuts and the only one who can save the republic is Senator Schumer. They want to draw comparisons to Nixon, the last time they were able to take a relatively stupid move and turn it into a revolution. Maybe it was a mild revolution, but they have no intention of letting the Marxists sit on the sidelines this time.

I don't know if this time is any different from any other time, when they tried to hobble their enemies with newsprint, but they have now donned the uniform of their party and intend to engage in war. That is different. It is one thing to be a mole, a spy, it is completely another to be combatant. A small sample of the rhetoric exposes everything about their intentions.

When it comes to Trump, well, yeah, he was never going to be a raging conservative with principles and ideals. I think a lot of people have been disappointed by him, because they placed all of their hopes in him. I'm a lot more forgiving, because I didn't want Hillary in charge of the nation's law enforcement agencies. In that, he has already succeeded, but the war rages to see if they can get rid of him in 2-4 years and get someone else in charge before he has a chance to pack the court. They are the ones who need to get a victory in a very short time, that's why we have seen the full-court press since the Inauguration.

I spent some time at the Denver Press Club recently and engaged some of the reporters there and when I suggested that the media is biased, I got blank looks and shaking heads. It was not so much that they thought I was wrong as it was that they thought I was delusional. "The news?" they asked quizzically, as if it could not be true. That's when I knew we were on different planets.  

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