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Monday, May 1, 2017

Pikeville: A Greater Good

There have been a lot of different accounts of what happened on Saturday April 29th in the otherwise peaceful and picturesque Kentucky town of Pikeville. One account on the Drudge Report claimed that the Nazi fascists were booed out of town. That was not so, it was spin, it was our media being the Marxist puppets they have become since throwing all their credibility into the wastebasket as they shifted to propaganda. It was not the town that booed, but Antifa who booed as the Traditional Workers Party and the National Socialist Movement loaded up at the conclusion of the event. To portray it any other way is dishonest.

This is what did happen. 

Antifa had gathered at some other spot before making their appearance along the shaded sidewalks of Pikeville, walking in a long group, carrying banners. Young people hanging out with each other as much as anything else. They were ushered along and tended to by their handlers. There is no doubt that many of the Antifa were anti-racist and anti-fascist with the zeal of someone who does not fully comprehend the definition of either term. They hate something deep inside, their country, their heritage, perhaps themselves and they mean to take it out on someone.

They got to the city square about ten minutes before their seeming opposition and gathered in the street blocked off for the event. They began to chant as members of the League of the South arrived and took their position inside a sort of pen created out of fencing barriers. The League of the South were not the racists that Antifa sought. The League members talked to the media gathered with tripods and a preconceived agenda. They spoke of the First Amendment and tried to make it clear to the reporters that while they might not agree with either the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSW) or the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) who had organized the event, they were there to support the individual right to free speech and assembly. But, the media didn't want to hear any of that, they wanted to lump the League of the South in with the NSW and the TWP, it's what they do.

The media lumps all conservative groups together but carefully makes the distinction between disparate liberal groups. The media does not recognize Antifa as violent or even radical, though they have demonstrated that they are both. The media does not demand that every liberal group denounce the violent and intolerant actions of Antifa, but they demand the denouncement of Neo Nazis from all conservatives. This is the clever way they give distance from Antifa to liberal groups, but associate all conservative groups with Neo Nazis like the NSW. It is deceptive and intentionally so.

Initially, the numbers looked perverse, with a much larger group on the Antifa side than the 15 or so on the League's side, but many were just college kids and onlookers.

As the temperature began to rise to ninety degrees and the humidity began to take its toll, Antifa became more aggressive, angry and punitive to this small group. They began to chant "Whose streets?" and responded "Our streets." They tried to drown out the League as they tried to make their case to reporters.

Antifa, which stands for Antifascist, though as a member of the League told me could as well stand for Anti First Amendment, because they have already been seen across the country trying to determine who is allowed to speak in any public forum and who is not.

The Pikeville Police, the Sheriff's Office and the State Police took up their positions between the groups and did an excellent job, making anything that has gone on in California look like a bunch of drunken sheepherders in comparison to the professional policing done by the departments in Pikeville.

In the crowd, one was able to discern the "feel" of the moment. Antifa is not one thing, it is a core of activists who rely heavily upon college youth for their numbers. This is why most of their actions center around a college town, such as Pikeville. Interspersed into the crowd of young faces are a few dedicated agitators giving instructions and holding the others accountable. Openly displayed was the Marxist means of agitation where the Marxism wafted thick behind the scenes, while the innocent, righteous and sympathetic faces show to the press and therefore the nation, giving the sense of merely concerned, over-sensitive young minds, but they are classic, living examples of Lenin's "useful idiots." The scene coaxes a sort of parental forgiveness from the front, but the dirty work is being done in the back, out of frame and ignored by the sympathetic media.

On the other side of the barricade, in the "pen" came the arrival of the true racists, the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), with stylized flags flying that combined the U.S. flag with the Confederate battle flag and a black ribbon. These were not the otherwise tame ideological opponents of Antifa that the crowd had been used to, these were militant racists looking for a brawl and a discernable gasp was heard, but the Antifa leaders behind the scene rallied the troops and the chants resumed in earnest.

As the scene pivoted from 150-200 bullies berating a relatively small group of Constitutionalists, who spent their time denying racism and making technical political points, to one where there was a more equal distribution of antagonism. The momentum shifted from the bullies to the TWP and the NSM, who challenged Antifa to break the barriers. The atmosphere was suddenly charged with a sense of impending violence and clearly defined hatred. The difference between the groups were simply that the TWP and NSM were there on their own behalf, with their opinions and lives dedicated to their cause, no matter how distasteful and irrational it might be to the casual observer. Antifa, on the other hand, relied on these young, idealistic college students for their muscle and it didn't even look like a fair fight, despite the fact that Antifa held the numerical advantage.

As the epithets and gestures were exchanged over the heads of the police standing between the groups grew more and more vile and vehement, it happened.  The truth of these two groups became visible to the onlooker...they were identical. These were two sides of the same coin willing to deny humanity to someone else simply because they disagree, or have a different worldview. Antifa played Marx to the Traditional Workers Party's portrayal of Engels. Even a citizen looked up and remarked: "I don't see a lick of difference, do you?" "No."

This is why only a small contingent of Constitutionalists stood with principle to deny Antifa a clear field. A true Constitutionalist finds no sympathetic side with whom to ally. They are both despicable and in possession of the same tactics and methods: to shut the other side down. No one was there to hear an explanation of the First Amendment, or to debate the issues of the day. They were two rabid dogs lunging at one another without thought, without comprehension, blinded by the evil of their own actions, justifying it all for some greater good.

The leaders of both Nazi groups issued the challenge to Antifa, "Come on then, shut us up!"  "We're right here!" Those on the Antifa side tensed and looked through that thin blue line they would have to negotiate before reaching the TWP and NSM. Both sides rattled the barricades as tension mounted and the snipers up high in the bank building across the street adjusted their positions, the rifle barrels hidden by narrow windows opened to allow a shot. Small drones buzzed above the crowd and occasionally the riot squad secreted inside the City Hall could be seen through long panes of glass in the door.

There it was, the bluffing challenge and the muted response. It was a moment when it all could have gone bad for everyone, including the many, many citizens who were just there to watch, with no dog in the fight at all. Then it passed. While the rhetoric continued for another half hour, before the whole thing began to wind down, that was the moment of action and Antifa stood down.

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