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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The DVD Has Life

We finally have a DVD, it is not perfect and it is not quite done in the sense that all of the things that need to be done are done, but it is close. Instead of rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic, we are down to polishing the china. And, that isn't fair to all of the people who have worked a lot of hours and taken their time to talk to us, this is far from the Titanic. While it might not be the Queen Mary of films, it is important. There are some truly valuable pieces of information in there. I have described it as a film version of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It may not be the most literary of works, but the shear intellectual weight of it is staggering.

We have a Screener, which can be used to obtain some valuable feedback on where the film is weak and where it is strong, what needs to be corrected and what needs to be accentuated, all of which can be done generally with a little editing, not the wheelbarrow of footage to wade through as it was from the beginning.

I know everyone has been hearing about this film for a long time and it is easy to have too great of expectations for something like this, but I believe that the perspective it takes lends itself to a greater audience than just us and those who think along the same general lines as we do. It might even go further than that and reach into some markets we would not normally consider.

The fact is, Millennials are mostly lost, angry and at the same time complacent, but they know something is coming to an end and they feel cheated for not ever having experienced the "good times" represented by many of our early lives. They have never known a time when they were not exposed to scams and held responsible for the worst times in their lives on social media. I'm not going to try and psychologically diagnose every Millennial, because they are as different as any of us, but as my daughter said, "they know they are being screwed, they just don't know exactly how or by whom." How could they? They have never been told the straight story about anything, everything has been a con, everything has been slanted and biased and it is really difficult to put total faith in anything. They are custom built for the Marxists, who are looking for people they can manipulate with a few facts and a lot of supposition.

The only thing we have to offer is the truth and that goes against almost everything they have been taught, but these are the right people to present that truth. They don't have routine talking points to be hammered over and over again, they can think for themselves and I knew that going in, that these weren't views held by them, because they were paid by the New York Times or the LA Times, or the Koch brothers for that matter. Aside from Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe and David Codrea, none of them are paid for their points of view and even they have developed a market for their perspectives, rather than having to toe the company line. They are independent contractors in that sense and don't have to pretend to hold certain beliefs to keep a job. This is why we went after the people we did.

Credibility is everything and no one in the media has any as far as I am concerned. We chose people who are still doing what they do, because they have thought it through and come up with their views from an intellectual point of view. That was why we could withhold the questions until they were asked on film, or memory card, to be more accurate. You can see them listening closely to the questions before answering, because they didn't know what was coming. Except for the couple that we had to redo for technical reasons, but nothing was staged or rehearsed.

And now, as I am finally able to lift my head out from the daily 12-14 hour days of editing and watching and sitting with our sound and music director, Rob Wallace, I can start to think of other things. We have a DVD that needs a little polishing, but we have it. I have watched it, but then I have seen the same footage so much, I can barely see it for what it is, which is why I will be looking forward to the screening on May 20th at 2 pm in Canon City and get some feel for what the public will think of it, what they will find wrong that I have been looking at for weeks and never saw. Filmmaking has always been a collaborative effort, it is the one thing I like about it. Writing novels is a solitary effort and there is never a moment when there is confirmation of a good chapter until the editor sees it with his eyes.

There are two websites you should all be aware of and as I spend more time promoting the film, I will be spending more time there to keep those interested up to date, but I really look forward to being able to give this site a little more attention in the weeks to come. I want to thank everyone who has helped with this effort, it has taken a load off my mind to think that we have gotten the financial support we needed to complete the film, without having to cash in everything I own.

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