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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Error of Civility

Susan Collins, Senator from Maine just tweeted that the three branches of government and the media need to be civil. Well, that's the problem, even senators consider, in some way, the media to be a part of the government. That is evident in more ways than one, it is why Republicans often betray their own base, their own constituents in order to pander to the press, to appear to be good, cooperative people at a time when the media is trying to inspire assassinations of opposing politicians.

Civility is something arrived at through mutual respect and a sense of decency, something of which the collectivists are incapable. Their whole program requires the destruction of traditional American values. They couch that in a reach all the way back to the founding, as irrational to the rest of their arguments as that is. When it comes to the Constitution, it is a rag, something we as a people have overcome and put behind us, until they decide to attack Trump with it.

The call for civility is a call for surrender, because it is only the right that understands it. The collectivists work against every sense of civility. It is their tactic to assault civility, to thrust their hedonism in the faces of Christians, to attack the traditional marriage by expanding the definition into meaninglessness.

I see no reason to be civil to those who profit on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn; who clamor for the assassination of the President; who actively promote the annihilation of white people and couch their racism in some sense of reparations for the acts of white ancestors. As sick and evil as I viewed the Obama Administration for its actions in targeting conservative groups with the power of the IRS or the deaths of thousands of Mexicans during Fast and Furious, a planned, designed policy to let them die at the hands of drug dealers directly armed by the feds, I never even considered the answer to these acts would be assassination. Those are the thoughts of thugs and criminals, especially because they have used it.

This is the error of civility. While the right has continued to pursue a civil discourse with what can only be considered a death cult of the left, civil rights have disappeared, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association have all but been eradicated. It is a stupid, one-sided game encouraged by those on the right, who have actually aligned themselves with the left and use the concept of civility as bludgeon against their own side. It is an act of fratricide.

If ever there was a political condition in the United States where incivility were the appropriate response, it is now. The collectivists, especially the media, is on open warfare against the very principles of the republic. Their goal, their rally cry is a turn toward communism. It is reflected in their Democratic convention where the hammer and sickle flew in the absence of the stars and stripes. There is no dispute about this, except by the office holders who occasionally have to raise their hands and swear allegiance to a system they are determined to destroy.

Civility is reserved for those who deserve respect, to offer it to the base, crude and rude is an error and a denial of its very value.


  1. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    ― H.L. Mencken

    I believe the time for retribution is nigh.

    Deuteronomy 32:35

    Vengeance is Mine, and recompense; Their foot shall slip in due time; For the day of their calamity is at hand, And the things to come hasten upon them.’


    1. Michael Dean MillerJuly 2, 2017 at 4:08 PM

      That phrase sounds better in the original Klingon.

  2. I redpilled myself more than 25 years ago simply by reading founding documents and others known to have influenced the framers, then doing a brief comparative study by reading Mein Kampf, I Lenin, and numerous other sources. All of this took a mere two years, after which I looked around me for the revolution. There was none.

    It's actually very unpleasant to be able to see the bars of the cage you're living in while no one around you seems able to do so. It's also a very unpleasant idea to believe you are going to need to leave your wife and small children to go fight a revolution. Still more unpleasant is for this condition to exist for two and a half decades while everyone around you grubs for money and ignores the taskmasters above them taking half of what they produce. This is very disheartening.

    God bless the internet for making it possible for people of like mind to find each other. But we have to be most careful of now is the division arising some us, or should I say being planted and fostered among us by outside forces for their benefit.

    There is no room in the Liberty movement for purity testing, along ideological or religious lines especially. Of course there will be disagreements, some of them significant but as long as the object is property rights and individual liberty we must get along.

    I've been waiting a long time for this moment in history and I'm not getting any younger. The rest of you can say what you want about the libertarian party but we are the ones who kept the notion of human liberty alive for the last three decades, while the establishment Democrats and Republicans merged into the uniparty sucking at the government tit and robbing the people blind.

    We are so far down the path now. The economy has been deliberately destroyed. Where there used to be small factories and small businesses now there are car title loan shark businesses, cash for gold and thrift shops. Plus a whole shitload of nail salons and fast food.

    A growing producing healthy and vibrant economy produces jobs for everyone at all levels of skill education and yes intelligence. People were able to work and make their own way in the world have no need of government programs. And that is precisely why the economy was destroyed.

    We in the Liberty Movement must keep in mind the great object: property rights and human Liberty.

  3. civility in the face of the enemy reveals the enemy.
    "We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us."
    So we now call for the lynch mob justice, we too have become as the enemy. We are also the borg, the collective, there are no individuals only groups, hives?
    Poems that include dancing on their graves! Are you serious?
    Have you even considered how you too are 'still' being used?
    as long as we are still speaking and not pinned down, count me out.
    BFYTW! So is this the right message, to the weak, to those who have been lied to just as we have been lied too? Just because you feel you are something because you now know the truth, do you also think you get to say when to burn it down?
    Time, No more. past, present,future
    this is something i was led to wrire down a month or so ago. Imagine the confirmation when i was led to see this today.

    1. your anger is turned inward, their training has worked well

  4. "Civility is reserved for those who deserve respect"
    While the left is beating the right with bike locks, tosses rocks, bricks, urine and feces at anyone opposed to their "protests" there are those on the right who continue to call for civil behavior,to claim the moral high ground etc, etc.
    It's not working- the left continues to escalate their attacks on anyone and everyone who supports the concept of liberty and freedom.
    It's well past time for those who value liberty and freedom to stand up to the left.
    The left is far from civil-why should we be civil to the left?

    How's the foot/leg healing?
    Okay, I hope. Praying for a speedy and successful recovery for you.

    1. It is getting better, a lot of metal in there, so I still can't put weight on it for another month or so. Thanks for asking and I appreciate the prayers.

    2. gamegetterII,"The left is far from civil-why should we be civil to the left?" This is why.
      Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down on upon your wrath:
      Neither give place to the devil. From Eph. 4
      A quick read through will not suffice, study this, ask for His guidance, His Truth.
      Civility is good, civility does not mean shut up nor ignore the Truth. There are times to be prudent.
      When they escalate their attacks this also reveals their madness, they are the weeds and the tares we have read about.

  5. Compromise is surrender on the installment plan.

    Average Joe

    1. prefect! thanks joe. get better T.L.. Sense the left can't get their way. I expect the whole table to get tossed. It's what brats do......MTHead

    2. Exactly, Joe. That is why I quit the NRA twenty years ago, and became a life member of GOA. The NRA themselves spoke of civility, of being "reasonable", when they helped write every major piece of gun control legislation, starting in '34 with NFA, including '68 with GCA, including the Lautenberg Amendment (with retroactive guilt assigned to incidents that occurred years before the law was written), and many other pieces of gun control legislation.

      Don't believe me? Locate a copy of the August 1968 American Rifleman. The article by the NRA praised themselves for being reasonable and helping to write gun control, showed they were willing to compromise. They were civil, all right.

      Kind of like being civil to a rapist.

      I don't plan on ever being anywhere near an "Antifa" riot, but if I happen to find myself caught up in one (or a flash mob) on one of the rare occasions I get to Missoula, you can bet I won't be civil in response.

  6. Those who would destroy you deserve all the tender loving civility given by American flamethrower operators to the Japanese inhabitants of bunkers on Pacific islands during WWII.

    Anyone who doesn't get that (Sen. Collins, call your office) is an apologist for that enemy, and not your friend - therefore their ranting twaddle can and ought to be safely ignored, let alone jeered, mocked, and ridiculed to their faces. Twain was correct about human embarrassment.

    Glad your leg is making progress.

    1. Thank you, it's a long road, longer than I thought. I have never been injured for this long, not with the hernia, not with busted ribs and punctured lung, nothing like this.

    2. Michael Dean MillerJuly 2, 2017 at 4:10 PM

      You had me at flamethrower.

  7. Yawnnn……………
    Really, America is about to commemorate and celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence?
    What a joke, you stupid mutts.

    hummus abedin

  8. Why do you think they call it "civil" war?

    Yeah, me neither.

    To the hilt... and neither restraint nor regret.

    Time's up.

  9. All that matters is direction, so I'm glad you're getting better.

    "The collectivists work against every sense of civility."

    Well sure...civility ain't gonna get them what they want. Only one way to do that.

    'Course the whole issue can be tossed out because the reason to be civil or not in any particular instance should be driven by only one thing...who you want to be. Consider what others do or don't do, but the ultimate goal or purpose cannot be set, nor achieved, by anyone but pursuit of what you choose to value. So while civility involves dealing with other people, your civility is about nobody but yourself.

    That's the truth of the matter. The rest is whether we care to abide this truth or not. Anyone who disagrees has only one way to achieve what they believe is right as well...just like the commie-libs. This too is the truth of the matter---EVERY social interaction at EVERY level, is ultimately one of consent or one of coercion. That's it, and each person gets to decide which is which, no matter what anyone else believes or says. If you don't consent, it's coercion. Period.

    Naturally the challenge is that there's only one way to stop coercion. "Tough titty said the kitty."

  10. Difficult to see the sides when no one is civil.

  11. expecting restraint in war is like posting a speed limit at the Indy 500. If the cause one fights for is not worth extreme effort to be victorious then why fight at all?

    1. It takes much more than just speed to win at Indy.


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