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Lies of Omission
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Friday, June 2, 2017


There is a division of the nation that cannot be repaired. While the media pretends that everything it does is out of concern for the nation, it is really out of concern for the advances toward collectivism that have been made under Barack Obama that piques their concern. The way that the media and the "deep state" cooperate to maintain those collectivist advances is startling, or would be, if anyone reported on it.

Understand that everything that has gone on since the election of Donald Trump has been to deny him the presidency, not so much the office, but the power of the office. This was evident when federal and appellate judges ruled against a clear and logical power of the President concerning national security when he signed executive orders to ban individuals from certain nations from coming to the United States largely because those individuals could not properly be vetted as to previous criminal or terrorist activity.

It is evident when certain cities refuse to obey federal law and governors and mayors openly vow to violate federal law to prevent Donald Trump from enforcing immigration laws.

It is evident when investigations into illegal acts of FBI and CIA directors, former Attorney Generals are ignored by the media and evidence withheld by the "deep state" actors while

This is more than just a difference of opinion, it is more than opposing Donald Trump as an individual. This is a rebellion against the republic in favor of a collectivist system, a government ruled society. In this nation, no matter how slim the vote totals, no matter how close the electoral college vote, whoever emerged as the President of the United States, was vested with all of the obligations, duties and power of the office.

This is an attack on the legitimacy of the election by a number of "deep state" actors determined to defend themselves from illegal actions committed under the Obama Administration. It is not a question of Donald Trump at all, except that it reveals the degree of corruption and collusion that exists between the establishment Republicans and Democrats to operate the offices of the American justice system to the detriment of the American people.

This collusion has grown into a hostile opposition to any elected official who attempts to disrupt the ongoing illegal activities of these "deep state" actors. They enlist the willing assistance of the media to demonize elected officials who seek reform. They use the media and the power of their offices to marginalize and demonize individuals who might expose their scandals or their illegal activities.

This is not to unprecedented or new by any means. What is new is that it is now open and in operational form. It is being used on a daily basis as a weapon against an "uncontrolled" President, one who has not been bought off and manipulated by the system. In a lot of ways, it is important for this president to engage this underground government and expose it for what it is: treason.


  1. There is no "deep state".
    Our Constitutional Republic
    was overthrown long ago by a
    treasonous Uniparty.
    The rule of law and equality
    of justice is long dead in America.
    Operating on any premise other
    than that is a deluded waste of time.

    hummus abedin

    1. "There is no "deep state".
      Our Constitutional Republic
      was overthrown long ago by a
      treasonous Uniparty." Yep!They have simply unmasked.
      There seems to be a deep state of delusion.
      Lawlessness abounds. Yet we are also living in times of not much Grace. Grace and law were to go together.

    2. Aside from "There is no 'deep state'" how have you said anything the post didn't say? And, what is the basis for the claim "there is no deep state?"

    3. There is no deep state.
      The unchecked crimes and
      treason of the Uniparty is commonplace,
      daily, and wholly committed by every party representative and member at the local,
      state and federal level.
      To say there is a "deep state" is as
      ridiculous as saying humans breathe
      "deep oxygen".
      That's what I mean, when I comment
      that there is no "deep state".

      hummus abedin

    4. Since the "deep state" is the term used to describe the career management of bureaucracies rather than elected or appointed officials within the government, to say that there is no "deep state" is to say that there is no management of government bureaucracies. It has always existed, but only recently has it grown emboldened and hostile toward elected and appointed officials, effectively nullifying any input or correction from citizens.

    5. UNCONSTITUTIONAL but no one cares.....

  2. The Lord has exposed this evil darkness in our government and media and they are all in the light now. when a light is shines on a very evil and dark place it becomes exposed to the entire nation, and now it's up to us to take action on this evil and extinguish it permanently , if we fall short of this then it will kill all of us and our families. Each one of us who are God fearing folks will have to decide what to do when the time comes or this evil will come calling just like it did in Sodom and Gomorrah and many other times in past Biblical history.

  3. I am a firm believer that God is in charge of this script because how else to explain all the dark coming to light that began during the Bush years.
    Yes - the Deep State is in the process of engineering a coup as they have done since 2008 in the following country thereby ignited total chaos: Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Honduras, Ukraine and unfinished Syria.
    The Deep State is beyond rage having lost the election by their candidate Hillary Clinton who was a major architect carrying out the coups as listen. Donald Trump is the outsider beholden to no-one which resulted in a temporary halt to their agenda ergo an all-out war against this president and us - the supporters and voters.
    Remember their mission statement reads as follows: "Out of chaos comes order"!
    The Deep State also uses their tools of gullible young people to cause chaos in the streets of America via riots, attacks, looting, burning and intimidation.

  4. I am firmly convinced that God put Trump in office as he is the only person with a strong-enough personality to not cave under the constant assaults coming at him. God has exposed the evil in both parties and it's up to us to stand with our President and his administration as they try to work under constant duress. I've heard it said that this is the most openly Christian administration ever. God has their backs, but we need to keep them in prayer at all times. God bless our great nation - we've been given a second chance.

  5. am i missing something here or is this a u-turn from what i read on this blog a couple years back?
    So Trump is the answer to the destruction of the USA?

    1. Trump is the answer, or the destroyer?
      Stop blaming the Deep State.

    2. Willing Demons

      What is the United States? It is not a republic as it follows no semblence of its Constitution, the very foundation of its power, of its authority. It is a system of terror, with the power to destroy lives with contrived charges; offhandedly encumbering citizens with debt and criminal charges on a whim. This is the very system our forefather's fled and risked everything to resist. In effect, they have taken our citizenship, robbed us of our birthright.

      Freedom? They watch us as if we are all suspects. Cameras are everywhere; software tracks us; our new vehicles and cell phones will tell them where we are at any given moment. Our writings are recorded and available as evidence against us though no charges have been filed. The result of these intrusions into our lives will become the evidence upon which they will seek a warrant. That cannot be more backward from the intent of the Constitution.

      Enemies of the people are encouraged to roam free among us, often at the informal invitation of the government. Our borders are not secure, there is no will to discriminate between honest immigrants seeking a better life and those intent on victimizing legal and legitimate citizens of the United States.

      Our economy, the very power that denies enemies to risk war on these shores, is no better than it was in 2009. Every figure compiled by the government is a ruse, it is fraud to mollify the people. Politicians lie and contrive to further the fraud to secure their own power with no regard for the dangerous waters they have navigated at our expense.

      The tax-paying citizens of this nation intent on doing right and living within the laws have been targeted by the very government they support. They have become the villains while true enemies have been coddled and encouraged. Every aspect of their lives have come under attack; their budgets, their religions, their privacy, their pastimes and their associations. Anything that will undermine the society of the typical American has become taboo, while all manner of deviance and decadence has been promoted; cheered on to success.

      If the ideals of life, liberty and property are not worth defending with our lives, we deserve none of them and have proved it with our inaction over the past ten years. There is not a single representative, senator, president or supreme court justice in office today who has not committed treason. Not one.

      Vote? Are you kidding me? There is no reason, beyond societal suicide, to vote for anyone willing to seek the office. It is a vote to destroy yourself; to forfeit your wealth; to eliminate your job; to incur the wrath of a jealous and vengeful government, because a government unloosed from those noble principles upon which this nation was founded can become nothing more than an evil among us and those seeking office its willing demons.

      The only thing left to do is fight. Though it is much easier to believe in unicorns and watch TV.

  6. The coup happened back in 1787 when the Federalists overthrew the AoC and replaced them with the Constitution. Patrick Henry was right.

    We haven't been a republic since the regime of the tyrant Lincoln.

    The latest attacks upon the American people started in the 1960's and haven't stopped, no matter who was president. Even Reagan knuckled under after the assassination attempt. It didn't start under Obama and it remains to be seen if it will end under Trump.

    1. 1st paragraph - yep. But for Henry, Mason and (oddly) some folks from states that are now literal Commie enclaves it would've been worse if Madison & his cronies had gotten all they envisioned at the outset. (Not different long-term, just ugly earlier.)

  7. Excellent article TL. The subversion of the Constitution has been happening since it was enacted. There are so many examples of Treasonous activity; The Act of 1871 forever changed the Constitution, Woodrow Wilson and his progressive agenda gave us the Federal Reserve and IRS.

  8. Actually Ralph, people do care. We have been trained to not shot them in the head, right away. But as we see more of this crap happen, the closer we get to pulling the trigger. Keep the faith. Holder, Johnson, Lynch, etc are all being tracked. Tick tock, tick tock.....

  9. Good analysis IMO, though it does border on the obvious. Personally I think it would be helpful for peeps to learn their history and understand that the original treason was the Constitution itself. All the information is there to be had, and it borders on the obvious too. It's remarkable how many people think the USoA was founded by the Constitution, when the truth is it was overthrown by it. Just ask those Pennsylvanian farmers--US citizens themselves--who were overrun by Washington and the gang a mere couple of years later.

    I understand that many so-called Patriots are defending the IDEALS they pick out of the Constitution, but you can defend those ideals without the Constitution itself. The Declaration of Independence did, for example. Otherwise the argument reduces to preferring this particular treason over another particular treason. Maybe sensible, but very bad form and not persuasive at all.

  10. Montana 3-7-77, just sayin? The issue is who you can you trust. The pendulum swings both ways, square the circle so to say.

  11. Trump is a stop in the cell door slamming shut, for now. He is under tremendous attack, he like all of us, is far from perfect, but I endorse his Presidency in the face of the Alternatives. His Enemies are my Enemies.
    Plan B is still and even more vital than ever. Do not waste this brief breath in the tides of eternity. A Reckoning is Calling loud and clear for Each one of us.


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