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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Day, Another Wray

Watching Chris Wray answering questions before the Senate confirmation hearing gave me flashbacks to every other piece of work to sit in that chair.  Mueller, Freeh and Comey come to mind.  Who was the FBI Director during Fast and Furious? Mueller.  Who was the FBI Director during the subsequent investigation of the siege at Waco? Freeh. So, we look at that astounding record of incompetence or outright malfeasance and Chris Wray looks no different.

I don't know Wray's history, nor do I care.  The enduring fact is that the FBI is a cesspool filled with cover-ups, withheld information and obstruction of justice.  They have never successfully brought the truth to the American people through all of the scandals that have taken place, it has always been a court of law where wrongful deaths had been adjudicated that brought forth the truth of the Ruby Ridge incident. It was the wrongful deaths being adjudicated that brought out the truth of the Waco siege.  None of this was revealed due to a rigorous FBI investigation.

So, someone like Chris Wray, who had been in the agency during Fast and Furious, Clinton's treasonous email sieve, leaving all sorts of classified information open to enemy discovery and willing dupe sitting idly by while Mueller goes after Trump(ed) up charges of Russian collaboration while clear and intentional collaboration between Ukraine and the Clinton campaign were ignored by the agency, does not inspire confidence.

During the hearing there were plenty of opportunities for Wray to put Democrat Senators on notice that when and if he is confirmed that he would pursue any and all charges of collaboration with a foreign state or state actors, regardless of political affiliation, but instead, he lent credence to the notion that somehow, somewhere there might still be evidence of Russian collusion on behalf or to the benefit of Donald Trump.

When America could use a little sanity and a little justice in the Justice Department, Wray seems like just another suit ready to play ball with those willingly trying to destroy this nation, to pursue a Barack Hussein policy of cultural self-destruction.

Now is the time for some hard truths, some revelations of wrongdoing in the FBI, a sort of come to Jesus moment for which he seems completely incapable. The FBI has been destroyed by scandals and government corruption. Understand, the last Director, it is now known revealed classified information in memos designed to get an independent investigator to look into the faux scandal of Russian collaboration with Trump.

We have seen this dog and pony show already. The question really is not where Sessions and Rosenstein came up with Wray, but whether or not they had a choice of anything other than Wray or a Wray-like figure, who admitted during the hearing that he was listening very carefully for Trump to suggest something inappropriate in exchange for his nomination. What sort of garbage is that? That is someone who considers themselves above the President, who is motivated to restrain or restrict the President's wishes and blame his "inappropriateness" on Wray's insubordination or perhaps even betrayal. That's not the sort of thing that gives one comfort. We have already had enough of these self-serving directors who willingly betray the American people for political points.

This is what is wrong with the entire federal government. None of them carry any sense of responsibility to the American people. They will protect their buddies in the agency and withhold evidence of criminal behavior from the public. They do it in the IRS, the FBI, the ATF, the NSA, etc, etc. Since this is so obvious to anyone paying attention, it is time to get to the bottom of some of the scandals of the previous administration, to restore some sense of accountability, but Wray won't do it and the public is left to just consider them all a bunch of crooks and gangsters with badges.

But, I guess, it is their credibility and if they want to destroy it's up to them. But, having already done that to a great degree, they must just not give a whit what the public thinks of them.

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