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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Loss of Big Ideas

What is the cost of socialization; of regulation; of Stalinization? Consider for a moment how many government agencies were created just in your lifetime. Consider also that from around 1900, a bit before and a bit after, the internal combustion engine was created, electric automobiles, steam automobiles, the airplane, electric lights, the telephone, indoor plumbing, etc, etc, etc all the way up to nuclear weapons and Nasa rockets in the 1960's. Even the television and the internet were invented before 1970 even if the internet was in a very basic form. The silicon Chip was even invented in 1961.

What has been created since 1970? No new propulsion systems. Even the hydrogen fuel cell either works with an internal combustion engine or creates electricity to power the automobile. What has happened to that great entrepreneurial spirit? That creativity? Are we to understand that the only thing we have been able to develop in the nearly same 60 year period after 1960 are government programs? Everything we have today was invented before 1970.

Okay, yeah, we have made the telephone much smaller and have been able to combine it with the internet, but it is still either one or the other. They are developments of the same old ideas. All we have done is embellish.

Here's what I think and I have no empirical evidence of this, just a sense that all of the brains and creativity that once were the hallmark of the Western cultures have been co-opted to serve the manipulation of those cultures. They have gone into the "green" industries, but still have never been able to make anything really work, because they are not designed to work, or solve any particular problem, they are designed to plunder the treasuries.

What do wind generation or solar generation really accomplish? They displace workers, because it is not enough that we have solar or wind energy, but that we stop using fossil fuels which require massive amounts of human labor. Robotics? Eliminate workers. The idea is to bankrupt as many people as they can, so that they are reliant on government benefits. It is a means of slavery.

What are the globalists doing? Building bomb shelters.

What have we lost since they have been engaged in this diversion of talent? The big universities are much more interested in defining new genders than finding a new means of propulsion. Entrepreneurs are all looking for the next hot app, instead of the next mode of transportation. Scientists are trying to figure out how to get to Mars, or how to cure ED.

Where are the big ideas? It's almost as if bringing Western civilization down is of much greater importance than doing something remarkable.

Some say that alien technology fueled the 1960's and we have exhausted that reservoir of innovation. Others say that saving the planet is of much greater importance than any other source of innovation.

I think it is a bit more simple. The massive regulations imposed on industry have stifled almost all of the individual inspiration. Either through corporate protectionism or government regulation there really is no way to pursue big ideas.

Maybe, we are just getting too stupid or high to innovate. But, those are within the realm of societal manipulation. The average child in school is only allowed to repeat the mantras of their captors. Innovation comes from independent, creative thinking, unbridled dreaming with the real possibility of pursuing some vision to ultimate financial reward.

No, I don't have any answers or even know if I understand the real issues at play. What I do know is that nothing has been developed or created that has changed our world in the decades between 1970 and 2017 and that has left us stranded in 1960, rehashing old rivalries, hatreds and prejudices and finding ways to damage each other.

We are drugged, distracted and self-absorbed while the world is being remade socially and culturally to our detriment. Our demise is being orchestrated, not just the Western cultures, but all of them, because eventually we will wind up going at it with each other and decimating the populations of every nation, leaving those who have been trying to achieve the same thing through abortion and wars to reap the benefits of a massively depopulated world.

I know everyone has their own idea about what is going on and who is doing it, the Bilderbergers, or the Illuminati or whatever. All I know is that their plan is about 20 moves beyond anything we doing to stop it.


  1. Once you fall behind it's hard to catch up. That's just a fact of life. Seems like most folks who are "aware" of what is happening in this country have resigned themselves to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. It's like being on a large ship and suddenly seeing an iceberg ahead knowing you can't turn the ship away in time. All you can do is brace for impact.


  2. Remember when we were kids, and we were part of a REAL country? The astronauts, who when not on a screaming rocket, were tooling around Hollywood in incredible sports cars with a hot blond or two scrunched up? I thought that these guys were Gods! Lockheed, Martin Marrieta, etc were in my neighborhoods. If a kid wanted, he would go to work at one of them right out of high school, get enough money to PAY FOR college in 3 years, and go be an engineer. Then he had a job waiting. I thought that there was no end to what could be accomplished in my wonderful country. Well, that is all dead now-murdered in the name of equal results, equal outcomes, and equal misery.
    -Stealth Spaniel

  3. The men and women (Madame Curie had TWO Nobel prizes) who made it happen were white Europeans. The Japanese and Chinese either copied it or stole it from us.
    Homeschooling is the only way to break the back of the coercive utopian govt school brainwashing. Sorry about the country, though. I was 15 in 1960 and lived through the best days...

  4. This site is called Christian Mercenary. So i ask should any "christians" truly be surprised by what we see transpiring?
    This has all been foretold.
    i find myself very grateful to see and acknowledge what is happening. And yes, i do share many of the same concerns as others.
    When you or we begin to see the spiritual side of this warfare more clearly, we gain more wisdom and insight.
    i too am concerned about, "going at it with each other."
    This seems to be what evil pushes, yet my other concern is God, Yahuah will remove His presence and in effect turn people against one another.
    So many can not seem to grasp the internet has made the world so much smaller, we are all in each others lives and homes at the touch of our finger tips.
    The speed has changed, the instant knee jerk reaction, the instant gratification etc.
    We are neighbors. What we say and how we say it does matter. The Truth is in the middle of most of the conflicts we are witnessing.

  5. Creativity has become a fish flopping on the beach gasping for air. Relatively inconsequential to the thoughts previously expressed, I see motion pictures as most illustrative of the decline of creativity.
    In the past 10-years or so, how many truly great motion pictures have been made? I'd say few...if any. The industries creative stream either produces trash or tries to pump new life into a poor remake of a previous success.
    In the same time span music has also largely fallen into some pit of irrelevance.

  6. TL,

    Words of wisdom. A wonderful, enlightening dose of reality in this essay.

    Great job !


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