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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Subterfuge of Socialism

If you feel like you are being attacked every time you walk out the door, you are.  The part of freedom that no one born after the 1970's can possibly understand is how much our fellow citizens, at the behest of their collectivist puppet masters, have entered our lives and decided what we were able to say, think and do. This is a direct attack, not on your house, or your car, but on you specifically as a human being.

People like to think about the government as an amoeba, but it is populated by your neighbors, the ones who go to meetings and the PTA. They are the sort of people who lust after a spot on the Home Owners Association board. As I have said elsewhere, the people in power are hardly ever the people who should be. There is a particular mental disorder that seeks power, most of them are rapists and vandals. This is not aimed at cops, but it does not exclude them either.

To a great degree I am talking about the three RINO county commissioners in Custer County, CO, but not only them either. They are a symptom of what has begun as a sneaking communism that Matt Bracken pointed out in Lies of Omission, the Gramscian theory of communism that hides very well inside socialism until, like an ALIEN, pops out of the chest, having consumed the heart of the community.

For far too long the citizens of this nation have allowed the socialist/communist faction to thrive inside this republic and all for some very good reasons to start with, but those reasons are looking worse all the time. One of them is the idea that no matter who put forth the idea of socialism, that no American would ever go along with it, so let them talk, let them destroy themselves. That hasn't worked very well, because there are an incredible amount of idiots and bonus-seekers bred into America through accepting socialist concepts like Social Security and Medicare, two embedded debt bombs just waiting for enough people to gather around before they go off and kill everyone.

What I am getting at is that communism has been allowed to flourish in this nation as some form of benevolent socialism for a hundred years, all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, a president bought and purchased by the big "trusts" of the previous century, without regard to his politics, which were ultimately devastating, because they were intentionally so. Read anything Wilson wrote and you will see the roadmap for how we got here.

Yes, we are all to blame, because we thought freedom was being free, that exercising freedom was the whole point of it all. We walked our own paths, expecting to be left alone, expecting common decency and mutual respect. That made us easy targets for those seeking something for nothing. Our Christian nature of charity handed them another lever to the public treasury. With all the benevolence of trying to mind our own business, we threw the doors open to the Church and the treasury. Is it any wonder that we have been defrauded by communist pastors and robbed by everyone else?

They have slowly backed those who knew how to use freedom into a corner and it's time to come out swinging. Being quiet has not stopped them and to be honest, screaming won't do any good either. What we see when we look out at our lawns and shiny cars is a nation already divided into the payers and the payees. The payees not only want to take everything you have, they are looking for payback for all the injustices of being a payee, short of getting a job or shutting their mouths. They are looking for the people who built this nation and want to make them pay; they want to insult them as much as break their bones.

I bring up Custer County, CO simply because it is a county that is about 80% conservative Constitutionalists and it has been completely hijacked by fraudulent candidates, liberals who know they could not win a seat in the county as a Democrat, so they switch their party affiliation and vote to pass vicious liberal ordinances to confound and demoralize the citizens. That's the mentality we have been dealing with while we tried to pursue the simple pleasure of life without having a confrontation at ever stop we make.

The crux is, one cannot be a socialist and have no agenda, the whole agenda of socialism is communism. That is the subterfuge of socialism; it is a trick and a lie. That just ain't neighborly. When I was a kid I heard one axiom that made a lot of sense, good fences make good neighbors. Maybe today it has to change like everything else. How about this: Good fences and firearms make good neighbors.

And, lest I be too vague, 80% of Repubicans are liberals, socialists and communists, they just don't understand the definition. Our nation has turned into a cesspool of communism, this is a Soviet-style system already, so maintaining the Soviet nature of it does not make one a conservative or even a patriot.

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