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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

DVDs Shipped Today

I thought, for all of those who stop by here to see what is happening with the film, I would let them know that of the perks earned during the fundraising events, 98% of all DVDs were shipped today. The other 2% will go tomorrow, but those are mostly from 2-10 copies being shipped, which had to be dealt with differently (bigger packages) than the 180 singles that could be mass processed. They are not particularly good pictures, but pictures of the cover art are below.                   

The cover art isn't cut or professional, yet, but I thought some would like to see how it looks.

A very sincere thanks to everyone who dug deep in their pockets and had to trust that we could actually accomplish what we set out to do. The only rough spots were some financing issues that would occasionally spring up, but then we just waited until we had enough to do it. A lot of strings had to be pulled and a lot of people had to work for next to nothing, or literally nothing, some are still in negative territory and probably always will be, but it exists and it is not without the help, encouragement and willingness to trust of many, many of the people who read this blog, WRSA, Patrick Henry Society, David's work, Matt's novels, Claire's books and Sipsey Street Irregulars and followed our efforts after that site went dark and who followed the important writing of Mike Vanderboegh.

We hoped that it would be a tool for parents and grandparents to spread around the nursery, but there is plenty in there for neighbors and liberal relatives (but make them buy their own, or better, as a Christmas gift or birthday present). Seriously, this is a conversation starter and DO NOT fail to bring their attention to where multitudes of support for the claims made in the film are being warehoused to debunk their debunkery, or for interested folks to read deeper and understand more about their world. Kit Perez and Pete White did an excellent job compiling that mass of information and it ties directly into the film.

So, thanks and if you still have a little energy, pump it up on social media sites. We have no distributor as yet and are trying to get one before we put out on VOD.


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