Monday, February 19, 2018

Child Sacrifice of the Left

These are times that illustrate the reason the United States of America were designed as a REPUBLIC and not a DEMOCRACY. Despite the insistence of politicians to describe our republic as a democracy, it is at just such times as these, of high emotion, that a republic was preferred and not by just a little bit. All of the founders understood that a democracy allows for the majority to decide individual rights based on votes, based on emotion, based on prejudice, but that a republic is designed to ensure individual rights against precisely the hysteria we see in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

At the church I attended last Sunday, a sheriff deputy's car was parked out front and the deputy sheriff was inside, armed and making eye contact with everyone who entered. It was a bit odd to see him standing there in uniform, but at many of the services I attend there are one or two open carry individuals in the congregation, so it wasn't the idea of the weapons being present, but by who presented them. This is the state of our nation. Where there is an occasion for mass killings, there MUST be armed resistance. 

Now, the collectivist left have found a tragedy they think they can exploit. The Parkland, Florida shooting is just what they had in mind to push their gun-grabbing agenda, but there are a few things standing in their way, one is the fact of our republic, even as tattered as it is. Another is the sheer illogical conclusions to which they have come.

First, this is a republic, not a democracy. The majority has absolutely no say in what rights the individual has. Those rights, though often treated as privileges in many states and cities, remain rights, the security of which may have to be defended the old-fashioned way, through force. Chief among them is the right to self-defense using whatever tools one is most comfortable with, including and especially guns. This is not up for debate, it is not even up for discussion. Hold all of the meetings and all of the discussions that one chooses to have, but it still comes down to having to enforce whatever law is agreed upon by people who were not elected to arbiter our rights away, but to defend them with the full force of law. Granted, they may take the coward's way out, they are good at that, but then it falls to us to enforce our own rights. One only possesses the rights they are willing to defend with their lives.

Second, their conclusion that some sort of gun restrictions will end school shootings is absolutely false. There are only two solutions to school shootings: 1) end public schools and the congregation of hundreds of children in the same place at the same time; 2) harden those schools with armed guards, administrators and/or teachers. Simply putting the weapons in their hands will stop mass killings at schools. It has worked at every venue it has been tried, schools are no different. 

If those solutions are not part of the discussion, then there can be no solution at all and only a gigantic social upheaval that will make the occasional school shooting pale in comparison to the carnage served up by one section of the nation deciding to debilitate, unarm and make victims of the other half. Everywhere there is strict gun control there is rampant crime, a concentration of gang violence and murder rates that are unacceptable to those of us who understand what a republic is and how it works.

No one clamoring for gun restrictions today will have to stand in front of the murder victims of tomorrow and explain their point of view to the widows and orphans caused by their emotional stupidity. They will not have to explain why, having got their way today, that, their cities have increased in theft, rape, murder or home invasion. Every day these crimes are stopped by those defending themselves with weapons, with guns and some statistical increase will never draw an accusing finger in their direction. It is simply emotional reaction to a problem easily solved, yet completely ignored in the 19 years since the school shooting at Columbine High School.   

To be even more blunt, it is the administrators, the teachers and the cities that have caused the rash in school shootings over the past 19 years, because they will not recognize reality and set their political (collectivist) leanings aside for fear of encouraging the proliferation of guns, even though that is exactly what has been prescribed for this issue and proven time and time again elsewhere. It is a particularly cruel ideology that offers up these children, purposely defenseless over and over to whatever demented individual commandeers a weapon just so they will not be seen as losing some political argument. But, they have lost and what they have lost are the lives of other people's children.

But, let us not enter into this effort to confiscate our weapons with any other intent than to make it the first shot in the inevitable civil war, because even suffering one more compromise only leads us to the future, where many more are envisioned. This issue should not be settled with anything less than a division of the nation into smaller, pieces more likely to secure our liberties, because this old framework has been cracked and nothing resembling the republic will remain once they accomplish a disarmament.     and