Sunday, September 16, 2018

Communism In America

Those who believe in a republican form of government are incapable of understanding a communist. Their lives are designed specifically to distance themselves from politics.  They might hold opinions, but think nothing more of it than to express those opinions on occasion. Their opinions are not their agenda.

Communists live their opinions; breathe them in; they are given to them by their leaders and they become part of their soul.  It is their duty to express those opinions, because they are relaying the message of their leaders to the rest.  They need to use these opinions to sniff out enemies and confirm the identities of comrades.

Communists have spent generations upon generations to stand where they do now; in the land of their enemy, growing stronger and stronger.  People in the United States who are not communists, joined the fight against them yesterday in relative terms, if they have joined it at all.

The fight is something small "r" republicans detest. It is politics taken to the furthest extent. What gives the communists strength is an effort for republicans.

Antifa, the representatives of communist strength in America, breeds in universities among the easily impressed and coerced children. They have set up a convincing battleground between Anti-fascists and fascists.  Communists need an evil enemy and just as in every other conflict, they choose to fight the Nazis, which they call fascists.

This is confusing to Americans who think of fascists as Hitler or Mussolini with all of the baggage that come with those names.  Americans don't feel like Hitler or Mussolini supporters.  They don't seek power over others or world domination.  Americans want largely to be left alone to live their lives.  This only makes them easy prey.

The truth, the thing Americans need to get keep in mind when they see things happening in their world is that it is all connected. There are several different social efforts aimed directly at their comfort zones.  Kneeling during the national anthem during football games is intended to denigrate the flag and the patriotic, especially the patriotic.

America, as constituted, must be destroyed if communism is to be instituted in a way that operates openly.  The communists have been in power in the United States Government for decades, even the whole of the Twentieth Century, but the people rarely see the effects of it. The principles in the FBI and the Mueller investigation and what is referred to as the Deep State are merely spikes in activity that rise off of the normally flat line of concealment.

But, now that it is out there, that the deep state is acknowledged by Americans, you notice that none of them bat an eye at their obvious illegality, or accusations of treason. Do they hide, or refute? No, they go on television and lie without concern for consequences, because anyone who might make them suffer the consequences are in as deep as they are. Their arrogance is indicative of how entrenched the communists are.

What Americans need to understand is that these are the forces aligned against them, because they have allowed themselves to be considered fascists. Knowing it is a lie is irrelevant. They are building a stage upon which you play the evil fascist to their communist hero.

Americans are being denied their humanity, the first step on the road to genocide. I don't know if all of this leads to genocide, by the time that is known it will be way past time to resist it. The key is to identify the enemy, their methods of coercion, their weapons against you and to resist every single one of them.

They use guilt. The power and wealth of America is used by communists to turn that strength into a weakness. Fear of being called names and the guilt of being fortunate enough to have been born into such a culture is being turned against Americans and they are allowing it, encouraging it, but that is not American. It is not American tear down the successful and criticize strength. It is American to recognize those things and work to replicate success and strength.

All nations are guilty of atrocities. Americans can not absolve themselves of their atrocities by embracing the atrocities of the communists or Islamists (which, in effect, are the same thing).

One does not devour an elephant with a fork. No single enemy of the United States can successfully attack, kill and consume America. Even taking over the government has not allowed them to subdue the individual American. Being individuals is the strength of Americans, if they will embrace it for what it is and refuse the collectivist mindset. It is already too late for many, but they can be reclaimed.

The communists are intent upon coming under different banners to cause confusion and to disrupt resistance to their message. Ignore their insistence on being referred to under their banner. Recognize their nature, how they deal with enemies. No matter how they are disguised, they all reveal themselves through their tactics.

Anyone who opposes their goals are phobic. Enemies are not allowed to debate. No other message can come through but their message. Lying is a tactic. Those who oppose them must be labeled and defamed. They never counter an argument, but label and defame their opponent.

Notice that nowhere in this text have I called communists anything other than what they call themselves openly.

The truth is this: we have all bought into some form of communism over the past hundred years. Identifying those communist principles, programs or organizations are not attacks on the individual. We have all done it, our fathers and mothers have bought into it. Communism is not bad because it appeals to the working man and woman, it is bad because it is a death cult that in full force is nothing other than absolute control, the destruction of the individual and the annihilation of independent thought. That is why it always fails and in failing commits genocide.

Those things: the individual, independent thought and uncontrolled action are the things that make society healthy and powerful. The individual who thinks of a product, who is free to build it and free to sell it is the very engine of a free society and the communist will always fail, because they cannot duplicate this. Their need for control and coercion always get in the way.