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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton Declare War On The Republic

Everyone is looking for proof of Civil War II. Many of us have been warning that the cold civil war had been raging for a long time, all the way back to Reagan, actually, though the Republicans have never engaged. At best Republicans counterpunch now and again, but they never engage.

When one looks for proof that the Civil War has gone hot, they can witness the increasing aggressiveness of Antifa, their commandeering of Portland streets and redirecting traffic to their liking shows that Portland has fallen. There is no sense that liberal cities who embrace sanctuary status for law-breaking immigrants will uphold the law against anyone who can further their political power. So these cities have become the enemies of the republic, but there is no political will to hold them accountable.

The leadership of the Democratic Party encourages and even facilitates violence against those in the Republican Party and their appointed ministers, counsels and supporters. In this article Eric Holder suggests that when Republicans go low, Democrats and their allies "kick them." Inciting violence against Republicans and their supporters. The article points out that this is a favorite saying of Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton has also suggested that there is no way to be civil to Republicans. This is the Democratic Party as it transitions to the Democratic Communist Party of America. Where it encourages its supporters to harass Republican Party members, appointees of the administration and supporters, driving them out of public accommodations, it is a directive from the top and a denial of basic humanity to its enemies.

Once a political party abandons debate and gives up on the concept of earning the votes of the people in favor of rigging elections and intimidating political rivals with threats of violence, the republic has failed. The republic relies on the rule of law, of fair elections as a prerequisite to the expression of the will of the people, without which no government can claim that it is a republic.

Me and people like me have been pointing out that the republic was doomed for more than a decade. When the banking crisis exposed the fact that banks would get bailed out with tax dollars, but nothing would be done to make the taxpayers whole, it signaled a fundamental philosophical truth that the people were slaves and nothing more. They were there to provide the funds to continue the Ponzi scheme of debt incurred through corporate raids of the treasury.

Fear of the electorate is essential to the functioning of a republic, when politicians no longer fear the electorate, as now, there is no republic at all.

When one political party abandons the concepts of the republic in favor of brute force against another political party and its supporters, it is a civil war. When one political party wages war on the supporters of the other political party it does so through a military arm of its political power. That military arm of the Democratic Communist Party is Antifa. Antifa is an enemy combatant since its expressed goal is the overthrow of the republic in favor of communism. Antifa openly discusses the military actions it pursues against the supporters and members of the Republican Party.  

In a functioning republic, this would be seen as treason and properly punished. But, as has been shown, we no longer live in a functioning republic, but are now free agents of the republic left to defend ourselves against the communist military wing operating within the borders of the United States with the full-throated support of the Democratic Party while it transitions through the leadership of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soros and the silicon valley oligarchs into a competing military and political force.

The Republican Party could put a stop to this soon-to-be hot Civil War, but it lacks the dedication to republican principles and indeed is itself largely communist in nature, because it has been seduced by the power brought to it by the state. The Republican Party would have to pursue charges against Antifa and follow the leadership and money to the rest of the traitors, but it cannot, it is too weak and sympathetic or fearful of its current power. It could empower the people to defend themselves against the enemies of the republic, but it will not.

So, we have one organized political party in America with a military arm encouraged to inflict pain and death upon its enemies (this is pure communism) and one political party that does not have the political will to defend its supporters.

Understand, this open support for the attack on Republicans and supporters of the republic is a declaration of war, because it is pursued by the leaders of a political party. That is the definition of a declaration of war. How far this goes initially is up to the aggressors, but how far it goes ultimately is up to the victims of that aggression.

The republic cannot afford to wait for the political weaklings of the Republican Party to recognize the threat this poses. They are sympathizers to some degree, at least at this early stage of the war.

It is important, however, to recognize that war has been declared upon the supporters of the republic by the communists and every action taken to defend oneself must be recognized in that way. Do not let them try you for a crime, demand that the legal system recognize that war has been declared upon the republic and your actions are in defense of the republic. Defend yourselves.

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