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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Rise of the Dazis and Mob Rule

When does it become obvious to everyone that the Democrats are no longer co-equal members of the political system, but a competing political ideology bent on the destruction of the republic? I think we are close. Antifa acts as a military wing of the Democrat Party, the media acts as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, a shadow government is installed by the Democrat Party to act as a foil to the Republican Party, including sabotaging the government apparatus in order to remain in power despite the outcome of elections. This is a shadow government, impervious to the will of the people.

But, none of this will result in an actual overthrow of the government, it can only manipulate the current government into suicidal policies. The traitors within the government elected by confused, party loyalists, brainwashed by propaganda to accept these suicidal policies can only go so far before they alienate some of those who break free from their insanity. So, they create mobs of fanatics to do the actual harm to the political opposition. The purpose is to shame and bully those who ultimately rebel from their constant hum of talking points and directed outrage into understanding that there is no safe alternative to the Democrat Party, which has already transformed into the Democrat Socialist Party, or accurately referred to as Dazis.

It is mob rule instigated by an overarching anti-American, anti-patriotic, anti-culture that sees value in only those things that disrupt peace and tranquility. The mob is directed toward any symbol of American superiority or greatness, the way the Soviets challenged these concepts all during the cold war. Political successes of their opposition cannot be revealed. The mob makes participation in the competing political party (the Republicans) unbearable; it makes serving in the competing political party (Republican) offices either elected or appointed unbearable; it enlists popular sports and entertainment figures as a sort of coercive popularity; it denies access to entertainment posts, university professorships and other influential positions to anyone holding contradictory views.

The Democrat Socialists support illegal voting, even to the point of openly encouraging it in speeches and through using their elected positions to facilitate illegal voting and to cover up for illegal voting, because it destroys confidence in the hallmark of the republic which is the vote.

Democrat Socialists promote the concept of free education, free meals, free everything as a way to illustrate some inequality and to show that inequality as a failure of the current political system. This emboldens support for the mob actions it takes to "rectify" this inequality. But, there is no inequality that can be solved by edict, law, gift or theft, it is much more complicated than that, but Democrat Socialists pretend that it is simple, take from those who have and give to those who do not. But that is immoral, an immorality that they overcome by casting it as racist or sexist. For this, they need the mob.

The alternative, the thing they hate, is the concept that laws govern outcomes and the individual is responsible for one's own condition of poverty or wealth. The individual is endowed with rights to keep the government at bay and that all individuals are equal under the law. One cannot be forgiven for breaking the law due to some social inequality, nor can one be held more accountable to the law due to their social status. Democrat Socialists reject that, because it destroys the promise they have made to their mob, which is to take from others and give to them.

For them to claim that they are not the leaders of these mobs, these gangs of thugs like Antifa, these whining, screaming, threatening throngs of people protesting everything Republicans do, say or support, knowing that George Soros is paying multitudes of these protesters on their behalf, on behalf of the Democrat Socialists, of the Dazis is ridiculous. Most logical thinking people can see through it and rebel against the obvious frauds like Christine Ford.

This was primarily responsible for the election of Donald Trump, because the fraud of illegal immigration to boost illegal votes for the Democrat Socialists was easily understood by the average American. Lack of identification to vote to facilitate voting fraud was obvious. Americans do not want to be socialists or communists and understand that the republic hinges largely on the legitimacy of the vote. They understand that an illegal vote obliterates their voice in the political process and that without that voice, they have no humanity, they become nothing but a slave. Americans do not want to be slaves.

But, what the Democrat Socialists have done without realizing it, is they have used the mob to too great of a degree. They have asked the American people to support the mob rule they represent and deep down the American people understand how easily the mob can be turned on them and take everything they have worked hard to build. The mob that the Democrat Socialists sicced on Brett Kavanaugh, a decent man, disgusted many independents and even some Democrats, but it's all they have, they are communists at heart and fascists in practice. 

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