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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Democrats, You Are Getting Played

This is a special appeal to Democrats. Democrats think that they are doing the right thing by voting for a Democrat this election. They want to feel good about themselves and want to think they are doing the right thing by voting for a Democrat. They have always voted for Democrats, believing it to be a more humane and civil political party compared to the Republicans.

There are a lot of issues on which to disagree between Democrats and Republicans, but let's just focus on one for the time being. That one issue is what is best for ALL Americans.

The only thing that is best for ALL Americans is a stable and functional society in which to live. For that to be true:

There have to be jobs for people to earn a living.
There have to be protections from illegal activities.  i.e. theft, vandalism, murder, rape etc.
There have to be rules for social conduct.
There has to be a sense of being able to defend oneself from harm.
Public buildings, areas and roads must be maintained.
Public services must be operational, i.e. hospitals, power, water, sewer, trash.
Private property must be protected in order for contracts to be fulfilled and exchange of goods to take place.
Education must be available to younger generations so that they have the opportunities to understand how to take over the operation of business, governance and education.

How we go about this is where the divisions start and that is a classical American political argument that will rage over centuries and centuries. Republicans will always want the private sector to handle as many of these issues as possible and Democrats will always want government to handle as many of these issues as possible.

That is what a normal election season is all about, the arguments for one over the other from one point of view or another. Charismatic leaders on one side or another can move that needle a bit to one side in one election and it can be moved a bit to another side in a subsequent election.

That is not what THIS election season is about. The traditional Democrat has been replaced with a straight out communist. I don't say that lightly, but consider what the issues today are:
Trump is a racist.
We should let millions upon millions of illegal immigrants in and give them access to the treasury for their livelihoods while we have millions already here in need of those services.
There should be no free speech for Trump supporters (in other words all Republicans)
Democrat supporters should be able to use any weapon, lies, cheating, defamation to win this election, because Trump is a racist.

I grew up a Democrat. We didn't believe in any of that. We believed that in the absence of corporate good citizenship (and there was a lot of corporate good citizenship back then), the government would have to provide for the poor, the sick and those discriminated against. Government would have to be the big brother to the down trodden. We didn't necessarily like it. We would have preferred that corporations treated their workers fair, paid them fair and people who were working would solve their own problems. But, that was not always the case.

This election season is about one thing and one thing only, political power. The Democrats need political power to derail ongoing investigations into the deep state and their actions surrounding the soft (communist not Democrat) coup of Donald Trump.  That's it. They are all implicated in either the attempt to overthrow a sitting president or the cover up. They are scared to death that it will be revealed how much they violated the trust the typical Democrat citizen placed in them. They stepped over the line and broke the rules. Maybe they felt they had good reason, i.e. Trump is a racist. But, that does not absolve them of their crimes. 

When I was a Democrat and lived under the smothering regulations piled on us as citizens by the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, the words of Ronald Reagan made common sense to me. Let people keep more of the money they worked so hard for and that would fuel investments and purchases to broaden the economic impact of those tax reductions. That made sense to me and it changed how I was going to vote for the first time.

I did not become hate-filled because that made sense to me. I did not want to destroy Democrats, because that one economic model appealed to me. I wanted Democrats to come around to that way of thinking as it seemed logical and rational.

During the Watergate hearings that I watched as a 12-year-old, that summer, I did not hate Nixon, Haldeman, Ehrlicman or Dean, but even I could tell they were guilty and needed to go to jail. I did not care if they were Republicans or Democrats, they hurt the nation that I called home and they had to pay the price.

What took place before and after the 2016 election is Watergate writ large and today the Democrats are struggling to take over the house to further cover up for the actions of a few in the DOJ, State Department and perhaps, like Watergate, even the Oval Office. This needs to come out, we need to take the medicine for allowing this sort of thing to happen and those responsible need to go to jail.

There are three times in my life that government has done some despicable things: The Assassination of JFK, Watergate and the Attempted communist coup of Donald Trump.

If it matters more to you to protect a Democrat or Republican than it does to protect your nation, you have lost sight of the important part of being an American, to defend our system, not our politicians. If I really thought Donald Trump was a racist, I would not vote for him, but he is not on the ballot, the conspirators are. If you vote for the conspirators against your nation, I don't see how we ever rectify what is wrong with our country.

Set Donald Trump aside. If you are a Democrat and you want to see this nation function as a republic and for laws to mean something, sit this one out. Let the investigations into the coup go forward and let it reveal the traitors to the nation. After that, in 2020, if the rising black support for Trump and the rising Latino support for Trump has not encouraged you that he is not a racist, then vote Democrat.

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