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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Petition of Dissolution

We are at a point of momentous change. You can see it in France, for heaven's sake! A gasoline tax has led to massive revolts and the use of gasoline to torch the city, not unlike tea dumped into a harbor. But, this is the culmination of some high-level meetings, the G8, G7 or G6, however many are currently in the "in" crowd. Somewhere along the line, in the EU or the UN perhaps, the notion was conveyed that the West was a dumping ground; the people too full of Starbucks coffee and ritual social media involvement that they would not mind the wholesale destruction of their culture.

To what degree that is true is debatable. I am not suggesting that suddenly there is a resistance to government control of our lives, but there do seem to be some flashpoints at which people decide enough is enough. I'm not sure where that is. It is different in each country and each province or state and even each neighborhood.

What I am suggesting is that there is an arrogance to our collective governments in the West that suggests they can do whatever they will to the citizenry and the people will just roll over and accept it. This is not without substantiation, either. They dumped unknown quantities of Third-World "refugees" on the whole of Europe and it just seemed to accept rape, pillage, assault and murder as if they were parking tickets, the price of being white. In the United States, there are no-go zones; the acceptance that rape of a child aged 10 is okay, if it is culturally traditional to some and we need not question who the "some" are in this context. Yet, if it is culturally traditional for some to behead pedophiles, that would not be "okay."

The double standard is playing out over and over everywhere and in this Americans are well-versed by now. One set of citizens, usually the smallest percentage, can demand change of the entire culture and no one bats an eye. Oh, there is outrage, but no action and that is what has invigorated our governments desire for tyranny. Where there is no punishment there is no abatement. What these governments are really begging for is revolt.

It is no longer a question of whether or not we, as Americans, should revolt, we have all known that was the ultimate outcome for a long time. There is nothing left of the nation to which we might have taken a pledge to defend. That time has passed as surely as the time for obedience to the crown had passed. The only remaining stumbling block was the notion that somehow--even if we knew better--the vote would get us out of trouble. That perhaps, we could do well enough and turn the country around and our opposites would see that it was best to vote for the policies that worked for the nation. And, even if we didn't believe that, we told ourselves that, knowing that we were lying. But, rampant voter fraud and the complete disregard for the laws proved that our "opposites" had latched onto the rationalization that Trump was a racist to vindicate their wholesale cheating in the elections and their full intention to do so until they regained power. Now that they have won the House in that manner, they can concentrate on the Senate and President in the next election. They are printing pre-cast ballots for Hillary as we speak.

What the useful idiots don't understand is how the conclusion that lying, cheating and counterfeiting to obtain a "just" result, i.e. the removal of a racist in chief, is nothing other than a ruse to get them to do the dirty work of those who would slaughter them in the first purge. We have seen this over and over in communist countries and yet they are as blind to history as they are to facts. No matter what good Trump might have done for the nation as a whole, he has to be replaced with a communist, who would reverse it all and continue the glide path of America toward Third World status. It's the only fair thing to do.

From a rational point of view, there is no way ever to get back even one scintilla of freedom or liberty. No matter how hard we vote, no matter how outraged and screaming we get, there is NO way to ever return to a semblance of liberty and freedom. It cannot happen. Not in this system. Not with this debt. Not with the contempt of every government official toward our rights, property and privacy.

This government can no longer function as a reliable and honest depository for tax dollars; it cannot function as a deterrent to our enemies having offered up defense of the nation to accommodate multi and transgendered soldiers as a social statement, a thing for which the defense of the nation does not require; it cannot run honest elections, nor deter vote fraud, but rather stands in awe of the phenomenon; it does not prosecute traitors within the government, it cannot even call them traitors to their face; it does not recognize, nor seek to defend the populace from foreign criminal gangs set on the victimization of its citizens; it cannot disband schools even though they are no longer necessary to the education of the youth and used by deranged individuals as victim collection centers for whatever evil deeds they concoct; it cannot stand against corporate financial institutions in favor of its citizens; it cannot punish rogue states that have refused to cooperate with federal law designed to protect the citizens of the nation from outside aggressive forces. What it can do, what it exceeds at, is to place the continual burden for all of its malfeasance and weakness in the face of opposition on the shoulders of working men and women who ask nothing of the government but fairness; who seek no assistance; who are offered no mitigation to their struggles. These few are the ones to carry all burdens and to suffer all transgressions to the point of being demonized by those who are dependent upon their labors. As such this government, federal, state and local deserve no obedience or loyalty.  

It is time, then, to draft a Petition of Dissolution. Our friends on the left will be as willing to do so as those on the right. The things of government are unmanageable; it is too corrupt; too trapped by its own arrogance; too divisive in its manner to listen to reason or work to solve the nations problems. This government created over two hundred years ago is no longer capable of working as designed. It cannot even obey its own codes. There are laws for government officials and other laws for citizens. There are few if any actual punishments of government employees, while every word is a potential prison sentence for the citizen. The republic has become some sort of kingless Kingdom with only barons, lords and sheriffs running amok, demanding satisfaction for their whims.

We can look at fault if we want to, but does it matter? Is anything more clear than the fact that this government is not capable of understanding how ridiculous it is when it speaks of laws for one citizen and different laws for others? That special groups can murder, maim and rape children and others will be tried and imprisoned for the same actions? That is a system that has FAILED. There is no other way to view its actions or its reasons. A judge in one circuit overrules the President?

I know that by suggesting a Petition of Dissolution that it is exactly what George Soros wants. It is what the communists in the federal government want. But the trap has already been set to slowly grind resistance to these groups into dust. The push to disarm the citizenry will only get more insistent and resistance to it more fractured and distanced as time goes on. Each city will enact illegal confiscations and then states and little by little all rights will be lost. The Second Amendment is the only one that matters at a time like this.

Now, while the greatest majority still hold the weapons of resistance, is the time to dissolve this union no matter how difficult it is for the heart to conceive it. The alternative is an inexorable decline into misery, destitution and ultimate ignoble slavery. It is our right and duty to alter or abolish. It is the only thing left to which we should swear an oath. I don't know what is on the other side of such an act, perhaps the exact same outcome, but with the knowledge that we stood and we gave everything to deny the tyrants their victory. But, maybe something better...after the worst.

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